We are well aware of the distance many of our guests will be traveling and the associated time and cost. Our primary goal is to ensure that as many of our invitees attend as possible. The "real wedding" is more for friends and family than for us! So know that we are 100% sincere when we say that the best wedding gift you could give us is your attendance!

Casa Bella Martinelli

Via Pozzo dell'Amore 50/54

Cavaion Veronese (VR)

Tel. 045 6260344

We have set up a small registry at the local store listed above. To make it easier for people who are traveling longer distances, we have also set up a wishlist on, should you want to get us a small gift. The wishlist is only advisable if you already have an Amazon account, because it might be a little difficult setting up a new account in Italian! The procedure is identical, just in Italian:


Go to our wishlist:


If you see something you want to ge us, select "aggiungi al carrello" (add to cart).


Select "procedi all'acquisto" (proceed to checkout).


Logon with your normal Amazon Account info.


Send to the Mike Ennis address associated with the wishlist.


And follow the normal check out procedures.



Q. Why are most Italian men named Tony?

A. When they got on the boat to America they stamped "To NY" (Tony) on their foreheads.


Watch this funny video entitled "Italians vs Europeans"! Sooo true ...